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per conoscenza e curiosità, di seguito un ampio elenco degli oggetti/app che si possono avere
non sono tutti

Spotify /Audio Player/YouTube Gallery/AddToAny /Animated Button/Download Button/Catalog Viewer/Charts/CSV Viewer/Database Viewer
PDF File/PPT File/Skill Bar/Form and Chat/ Google Forms/Image Form/LiyeChat/ /Fun/Falling Down/Cursor Click Effects/Cursor Floating Trail
Cursor Trail Eff/SnowFall/Gallery and SlideShow/3D Rotation Gallery/According Gallery/Justified Gallery/Logo Slider/Scroll Gallery Hor
Circular Discography/Dropbox Gallery/Jssor Slider/Masonry/PageFlip/Polaroid Gallery/Slicebox/Sliding Panels/Swiper Animated Slider
Swiper Grid Slider/Vimeo Gallery/Font Awesome Icons/Hover Image/Hover Image 2/Phosphor Icons/Vivid Icons/360 Gallery
Animated Image/BeforelAfter Comparison/Logaster/DpenMoji Icons/Social Icons/Language Choice/Google Translate
Map and Meteo/Multiple Location/Google Maps/Meteo Italy/OpenWeatherMap/S-croll Effect/Scroll Gallery
Scroll Image/Fullscreen Scroll/Scroll GalleryVer/Parallax Image/Shopping and Cart Status/PayPal Donate
Pricing Table/ Reservio/Bookeo/Catalog Viewer/DonorBox/Login & Logout/PDF File/Tab Focus
Testimonial/User Orders/Social/AddThis/AddToAny Sticky/E Mobile Contact/Pinterest
SnapWidget/ESocial Icons/According TextACl/Animated Headlines/Bounty
Flip Clock/Textillate/Timeline/ZigZag Timeline/Slider Timeline
VerticalTimeline/Blog Widget/MathML Code/Poll/QR Code
RSS Feed/Shinystat Counter/Tab Focus . .  .

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